Assessment of Hurricane Matthew’s Effects in the South from a Haitian Perspective 

We went into the southern regions of Haiti last week to assess damages and identify needs and the ways that HHH may be able to help best. What we saw:

The Bad:

– homes utterly destroyed, severely damaged, and some people crawling into collapsed homes…still living there 

– children walking around without direction and looking disillusioned 

– schools and churches completely destroyed so that there’s nowhere to go for education, or to find comfort, worship,  or agreement in prayer which is a huge part of the Haitian Culture and where we have always found our strength in such moments of trials  

– the elderly sitting on the side of the road, heads down, pieces of cloth on their heads (usually to protect from sun but this was in lamentation), some too weak (pregnant women fit this description also) to get into the distribution lines because so much time was spent without food and water 

– road blocks with angry hungry people being passed over because donations are going to the hardest hit, more common regions and they feel neglected, abandoned 

– when giving money, as we were out of supplies, and offering to pray sometimes people turned away as if to say, “Bondye? Ki Bondye sa a?” (God, what God?!)…the Gospel is the biggest need along with distribution of food, water, cholera prevention kits, and supplies to reconstruct better homes ALL PURCHASED IN HAITI.

The Good:

– Haitians caring enough for their own people to go to those areas and assess and help our people as God provided and led 

– Michael Philip of Innerchange surprising us with a donation of food and water to distribute in Les Cayes (Okay)

– Haitians giving each other a hand, cleaning up and organizing, and sawing fallen trees to clear properties  

– Haitians from churches in other regions helping with food distribution 

– local vendors at their market stands working hard and trying to move on

– local organizations  making effort to coordinate and work in unity

– a group of people meeting us to pray in Port au Prince showing their awareness of this need, crying together, worshipping together, sharing our experiences together, and making a conscious decision to TAKE THE GOSPEL TO THE SOUTH.

The Plan:

Return South in a few weeks to get some plants down there and  HHH plans to pray for people, counsel and encourage them, and distribute Bibles as we believe many were destroyed,  share the Gospel, and connect people to other organzations that can best meet their specific needs,  start a plan to rebuild churches and look into temporary education solution.

If you would like to help please research local NGOs in the southern region.  They already have boots on the ground and are able to not only further assess but provide the help needed. Haiti One is a wonderful organization that is very much involved in those efforts. 


For people struggling to learn creole: Gloria Guignard Board has developed a Haitian Language and Culture Training program for people residing in Haiti and in the US and Canada.  This five day program provides daily instruction in Beginners and Intermediate creole.

For the in-Haiti program, teams will reside at a guest house in a small Haitian community where you will have opportunity to evangelize, host a VBS, and pray for the sick while growing in communication skills with Haitians.  Natural scenarios are provided to help you expand your skills. This will help you to learn creole more naturally, while learning the language needed for you to do your ministry. 

Gloria provides the same instruction program both in Canada and the United States to adopting families, small groups, organizations who can not afford to travel to Haiti so they can have the same opportunity to learn. Gloria will be in both Wisconsin and Minnesota Summer 2017 and possibly Texas sometime this year.

If you would like for Gloria to come and teach creole and Haitian Culture to your organization or your small group, please email her at for more information.

Prayer and Explore Haiti Journey 2018

In January of 2014 Haitians Helping Haitians  traveled throughout Haiti to pray for the people, the land, and the missionaries serving God by blessing Haitians. For the past two years we’ve been asked when we will organize another prayer journey. 

HHH is currently organizing another prayer journey for missionaries who feel called to various regions in Haiti. We will simultaneously use this opportunity to explore the beautiful parts of Haiti that most people don’t see so that our prayer can be focused on God’s original beautiful intention for Haiti. 

Why are we doing this? We believe that Jesus is coming soon. He is coming for a church without blemish. We will be praying for the missionaries who share the Gospel, those who receive It, and for the church in Haiti to grow in discipleship. We will be praying for provision and for Haitians to become missionaries who spread the Gospel to other countries. We are praying for unity amongst missionaries, Haitian churches, and for the people of Haiti to be blessed to be a blessing to nations. 

If you feel God is stirring this in you,  contact John and Gloria Board at for more information.